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Industrial seating

Industrial seating

Welcome to Global Stole introducing our product range of industrial seating. Our products are manufactured in accordance with applicable norms and international standards, and we cooperate with institutions in Italy, Sweden and Germany, conducting tests and approvals of our products. An industrial chair from Global Stole represents quality which will withstand hard wearing as well as impact from dirt, water, oil and more, and our product range covers clean room chairs, welding stools and stainless steel chairs.

Global Stole industrial chairs are fully adjustable as to height, seat-angle and backrest-angle, making it possible for you to find the correct working posture quickly. Our range also offers you the possibility of customizing your chair according to taste with a selection of castors, fabrics, colours and more.

In other words, here you will find both industrial chairs suited for a number of work situations in demanding environments, and general seating solutions to be used most anywhere.

Beta 400RS
Roller stools
Beta - Alu50
Work stools
Alfa - Octopus
Sit stands
Kappa - Stella
Welding stools
Comfort ESD
ESD products
Solid low
Universal chairs
Conference and canteen chair
Conference and canteen chair
Office chairs
Lima Creeper
Workshop Creepers
Global Mini worktable
Inox Sit-stand chair
Stainless steel chair
Lab Chair, red
Cleanroom chairs
Gamma - Octopus
Saddle stools
Pilates air seat stool, microfibre
Pilates air seat stool