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Pilates air seat stool

The idea of the Pilates air seat stool from Global Stole developed in the world of sports. – The desire to combine activity and rest in a carefully thought-out way, ensuring the best possible conditions for a top performance. In other words, to achieve balance in your body at work!

The Pilates air seat stool offers the same effect as the Pilates ball, as the seat consists of a ball cushion. It requires the body to "concentrate on sitting", and thus it strengthens muscle groups in the back and lumbar region and keeps them active while you are sitting. – The video above shows how.

Seat with ball cushion

The seat consists of an original Dynair® ball cushion developed by TOGU in Germany where it is also made. A very popular ball cushion that ensures a healthy, strong back, as it trains the back musculature. The ball cushion is made of rubber and upholstered with fabric, such as imitation leather.

The ball cushion is available in two sizes: 330 mm and 360 mm diameter.

The seat base is available in two materials: Wood or Plexiglas. Both types have a ring for adjustment of the sitting height.

Click on the pictures of the models below to read more about the Pilates air seat stool.

Pilates air seat stool, microfibre
Pilates air seat stool, microfibre
Microfibre upholstry
Pilates Air Seat stool, imitation leather
Pilates Air Seat stool, imitation leather
Pilates air seat stool with aluminum base, upholstered with imitation leather.