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GLOBAL STOLE A/S provides a five-year warranty on documented manufacturing faults. The warranty complies with current European requirements regarding complaints and guarantees. Accordingly, the burden of proof lies with GLOBAL A/S as a six-month warranty and with the buyer as a right of complaint during the remaining warranty period.

The warranty is conditional on the fact that the buyer has brought the manufacturing fault to the attention of GLOBAL STOLE A/S not more than 2 months after said fault has been noted/discovered by the buyer.

The warranty does not cover defects, damage or abrasions, directly or indirectly caused by improper use or operation, low maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention.

The five-year warranty applies to normal use, 8 hours a day. If the product is used in shifts or 24-hour use, the right-of-complaint period is correspondingly reduced, but never below the minimum statutory requirement.

To make a complaint, the buyer contacts the dealer/distributor from whom the product was purchased or the closest dealer/distributor stipulated by GLOBAL STOLE A/S.

Products may only be returned according to an agreement with GLOBAL A/S and with GLOBAL A/S’s permission. Products are to be returned by the carrier designated by GLOBAL A/S.

If any faults or deficiencies are discovered in a product, acc. clause 4, the warranty and right of complaint cover the supply of replacement parts only and not labour charges for replacing any faulty components.