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Sigma 400P

Sigma roller stool assists your back, knees and ankles during inconvenient working postures or tasks that involve sitting or kneeling.

The seat is molded polyurethane foam with steel reinforcement, which provides good seating comfort and is practical and robust - even in the rougher environments. Polyurethane also distinguishes itself by being tough against many types of liquids and chemicals, while being easy to clean. Diameter: 359 mm.

This stool is with 400 mm. shock-proof plastic incl. 2 tool boxes in black plastic, a backrest in plastic and with 75 mm. easy rolling rubber castors, two of which have brake. The castors are mounted directly in the base.

Seat height low gas spring: 37-50 cm.

Available in the colors red, black, blue, yellow and green.

Article number: 20 3 001 1 001