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Along with our vision that school students have to be well seated, we also want to help make their future greener. This is achieved with the Mind chair.

Mind takes care of our students
The students can easily adjust the seat height and thereby achieve the right body position regardless of age and height. It helps to increase well-being and makes it easier to maintain concentration. Mind is durable, lightweight, is easy to clean and has a smart hook for outerwear and bags.

Mind takes care of our future
With a seat molded from 100% recycled plastic, upcycles 1.9 kg. waste plastic and is 100% recyclable, Mind helps to ensure that our total waste does not increases over time and that we limit our consumption of raw materials. Designed to be separated and continuously recycled.

Seat: 41 x 41 cm.

Backrest: 39,5 x 40 cm.

Seating height medium gas spring: 47-66 cm.

Article number: 7221732