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5 good reasons to choose a

PAS stool

The Proprioceptive Activation System (PAS) is designed to enhance body awareness and promote healthy posture through ergonomic seating solutions.

1. Anatomically Focused Design: The PAS chair is carefully developed with an in-depth understanding of the body’s anatomy and movement patterns, ensuring the user achieves and maintains a healthy posture.

2. Core Muscle Activation: Sitting on the PAS chair activates essential muscle groups such as the abdominals, inner thighs, and glutes, leading to natural movement in the hips and back and creating a well-balanced body.

3. Improved Sitting Position with Backrest: The design of the PAS chair ensures proper leg positioning and supports the active use of lower body muscles, contributing to correct spinal alignment and reducing tension in the shoulders and back.

4. Support with Chest Rest: Proper use of the chest rest on the PAS chair, along with good support from flat feet on the floor, promotes an ergonomic sitting posture that activates the glutes and abdominal muscles and supports healthy breathing.

5. Adjustable and Responsive Mechanism: The unique mechanism in the PAS chair allows easy and stepless adjustment of the backrest angle to adapt to the user’s movements, promoting dynamic sitting and reducing the risk of muscle tension and knots.