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Gamma saddle chairs

The Gamma saddle chair is a comfortable, wide bicycle saddle that keeps your back upright and less stressed

The Gamma saddle

The Gamma saddle has a core of wood, which is upholstered with cold foam and fabric or imitation leather. The seat measures 35 x 32 x 9 cm.

Seat mechanism

The seat mechanism determines whether the Gamma seat can have a backrest or not, and you can choose from 3 seat mechanisms that offer different benefits.

  • Easy Seat the mechanism provides stepless adjustable seat angle of 14° forward and 3° back (without backrest).
  • Euromatic the mechanism is for Gamma saddle chairs with backrests. It provides stepless adjustment of the seat angle 12° forward and 3° back and of the backrest angle 16° forward and 6° back.

You can also choose a Gamma without a seat mechanism if you just want to be able to adjust the seat height up and down.

Our range offers different bases with castors or glides, so you can find exactly the Gamma saddle chair that suits your needs.

Gamma with Euromatic mechanisme

Gamma saddle chairs with backrest and EUROMATIC mechanisme

Gamma sadle chair

Gamma with Easy Seat mechanisme

Gamma with EASY SEAT mechanisme